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This page contains links to useful web sites which either have been featured on the tapes, or have been recommended to the talking computers magazine.

Some of these links may be repeats of other links on this site.

Download & Software Sites.

System Access To Go, added October 2008.

SF Audio Studio, added October 2008.

Napster Web Site, added May 2008.

White Stick Web Site, added February 2007.

Sound Recorder Web Site Free Download, added June 2008.

Applian Web Site, added September 2008.

Petro's MP3 Tutorials, added September 2008.

Calendars for Windows, added February 2010.

Sendspace, added July 2009.

Express Burn Download Site, added April 2009.

AAddrfile,address label program, added January 2009 .

WebVisum Web Site, added November 2008.

CD Burner Program, added November 2008.

USB Mics, added August 2008.

PC key Boards, added August 2008.

Tellmate, multi-function scanner and label reader, added July 2008.

Skype home page, updated October 2016.

Apple Computers, added June 2008

Printer Ink Web Site, added June 2008.

AA Labels, added March 2008.

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