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Basic editing Tutorials.

Produced by Jim Gamage.

These tutorials have been created with the visually impaired in mind, they are designed to help a visually impaired person make the most use of basic word processing packages.

the tutorials will help to develop an understanding of basic editing and file management techniques, which will form a good foundation for future development and learning.

These articles have been revised and updated since they were first published by Talking Computers.


Please NOTE  During my recordings, my instructions only relate to my own experience, manufacturer's instructions regarding material, whether software or hardware, should be observed regardless of my suggestions.

You use my instructions at your own risk. Jim.

Talking Computers would like to thank Jim Gamage, Douglas Harrison, Terry Hadley and Derek Goodwin, for all their efforts on behalf of the listeners.

If you have used these tutorials and have found them useful, then perhaps you would like to make a donation to a charity which Jim likes to support.

The charity is "Demelza House children's hospice", please see the link below.

Demelza House Children's Hospice.

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